• Image of Small Square Stickers
  • Image of Small Square Stickers

UV Protective Coating, water-proof, 1 color screen printed sticker.

If you select "All Stickers" you just save on compound shipping prices.

Various Drawings put onto vinyl stickers.

2015-2022, Art by Deth P. Sun

If you're just buying stickers:
Domestic Shipping is a flat $5, but now come with tracking and in a stay flat envelope. Order multiple stickers and the price will stay the same.

International Shipping is $20 ($10 Canada) flat. It's just how much it cost for anything under 15 oz. You can order as many stickers and it'll just be $20. You can add stickers to a bigger order (such as prints, or paintings) and the added cost is $0. Sorry that shipping costs a lot.