• Image of Postcard Drawings Series 2
  • Image of Postcard Drawings Series 2
  • Image of Postcard Drawings Series 2

Here's another listing for postcard drawings. Some of these I just spent more time on drawing, or the actual postcard is in pristine condition. I want to keep Series 1 going at a more accessible price point, but honestly I don't know how smart that is. But $20 is still an okay price for an original drawing.

June 2024 - Im out of town so all postcards are shipping via postal stamps.

Please Note: I'm sending this as a postcard. So it'll be stamped and comes with no tracking. If you're ordering this with other stuff I'll just pack it with your order. The shipping will zero itself out and you won't pay extra on shipping.

1. Lake Merritt (Oakland, CA)
2. Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles, CA)
3. The Great Sphinx (Cairo, EGY)
4. Theodore Roosevelt Dam (Gila County/Maricopa County, AZ)
5. Grand Canyon from Moran Point (Grand Canyon, AZ)
6. Griffith Observatory II (Los Angeles, CA)
7. Gulliver's Castle Bryce Canyon (Bryce Canyon National Park, UT)
8. Lower Falls (Yellowstone Park, WY)
9. Park Bear - (Yellowstone Park, WY)
10. Dinosaur Garden - Brontosaurus from Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Cabazon, CA)
11. Panama-Pacific International Exposition (San Francisco, CA)
12. Luray Caverns (Luray, VA)
13. Oakland Hall of Records (Oakland, CA)
14. Temple of the Gods (Bryce Canyon, UT)
15. Memorial Arch, Entrance of Prospect Park (Brooklyn NY)
16. Muir Glacier (Muir Glacier National Park and Preserve, AK)
17. Rainbow Bridge National Monument (San Juan County, UT)

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