• Image of International Baby Painting 2 (Lot 33)
  • Image of International Baby Painting 2 (Lot 33)

Here’s another drop. I'm doing another international painting drop. I know the exchange rate with the dollar is pretty hard so I'm trying to balance that off. I found a service where shipping under a pound ( about .45 kg) is $11 flat, and I'm factoring the cost of the padded envelope and the packaging.

I don't have as many international sales as I used to so this is just a way for me to try getting my work out there. My goal is to try and send my art to as many people so yeah.

I disabled the domestic shipping so it's for international buyers. Pls don't email me if you're from the US and you want "X"painting. I don't like DMs, and I barely respond to the messages I'm supposed to message back anyway. I'll post more art for sale later. Stop messaging me. Appreciate your enthusiasm, though.

I have to add in individually each country so if your country isn't available you have to email me.

There's a drop down menu for choosing the painting a person wants to buy, if it's not there then someone has already bought that particular piece.

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