• Image of Baby Paintings (Lot 47)
  • Image of Baby Paintings (Lot 47)

There's a drop down menu for choosing the painting a person wants to buy, if it's not there then someone has already bought that particular piece.The default price is $25 so if there isn't a price listed next to an item then it's $25. Kinda weird to have to write, but yeah, sometimes the world is confusing. I don't know.

If you're feeling pressured, and you end up making two purchases, I will refund you when I'm shipping out orders. But, uh, yeah, please don't panic.

I reserve the right to refuse a sale.

I appreciate everyone who's bought a painting from this project. I'm planning on making these off and on for the coming years, so I hope folks take the time to pick pieces that they want to keep.

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