• Image of Baby Paintings (Lot 28)
  • Image of Baby Paintings (Lot 28)
  • Image of Baby Paintings (Lot 28)
  • Image of Baby Paintings (Lot 28)
  • Image of Baby Paintings (Lot 28)

Here's the Fourth drop for the year. I have one more drop in the near future.

There's less cat heads in this drop and more of the complicated 5/6 sided paintings that took a little bit of extra time to work on. Little black paintings are hard to stay on top of quality wise. By the way, if you have purchased one of the black ones in the past and if you should happen to damage them you can easily clean the black up easily with a paint pen ($6) that has a matte finish, or a sharpie. If you rub it in it sometimes comes out matte.

Any way this drop has a lot of my favorites:
1. Derpy Bat. All sides painted with different color stars.
3. VHS/TV Display. My first TV I had to pound to get the screen to work sometimes.
4. Dagger/Wine Bottle.
11. Eyes, Snake, and Snakehead Dagger. I used to hate snakes, and apparently the most common nightmare in the world involves them, but in recently years I've gone to really drawing them.
8. I didn't know what a Kitsune mask until well after I had painted a few of these.
9. Four sided Magic Rock Painting
10. I've been to the hospital 4 times while dealing with an x-acto knife. I can't feel the tip of my left thumb.
13. Witch Cat!
14. This is also 6 sided, Cat Speaking Sword, Eyes, Magic Rock
15. Ramune Drink
26. Heterochromia of the eye.
35. Five Sided Magic Rock
41 Five Sided - Star, Berries, Magic Rock, Cigarette, Key
43. I eat a lot of cereal.

There's a drop down menu for choosing the painting a person wants to buy, if it's not there then someone has already bought that particular piece. Kinda weird to have to write, but yeah, sometimes the world is confusing. I don't know.

I included some larger pieces that aren’t so baby sized. It’s just easier to sell paintings in lots. I'm trying to keep my prices at a place where anyone can buy stuff so please don't try buying everything if you happen to be here first. But I'm not a cop, so you can do whatever you want. I'm just trying to make art accessible, but also I can only make so much art in year.

If you're feeling pressured, and you end up making two purchases, I will refund you when I'm shipping out orders.

I figured out how to ship to Australia and NZ. It takes three weeks!

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